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I am adding the correct login and it won't work. help!

Want work on series 3

I want my money back!!


The app will not update the news feed. Don’t waste your money

Works well... When paired to iPhone

Great option for viewing Facebook on the Apple Watch but unfortunately it currently only works when paired to iPhone. If it worked standalone on the cellular Apple Watch Series 3, it would be 5 stars! Hope the developer is working on this!!

Not at all worth it

Literally nothing to this app. Not something worth spending your money for.


It's okay, needs improvement.

Good app ! But few niggles

This app has great potential ! A bit inconsistent for my liking for the price you pay. Push notifications work intermittently. Has the ability to post comments either via dictation or scribble , and you good to go !


The app is not staying on the watch face it shows in the screen to customize but disappears when the fave comes up..

Best app I’ve used...

I like face book on my Apple Watch gives me extra functions. Very nice

Does not refresh

Can someone please tell me how to get a refund for this non working app

Don’t work

It’s not updated since I bought it.

Grate app worth the price

Almost everything worked grate a lot more content than I was expecting but I tried everything I could and still couldn’t get the push notifications to work


App will not update how can I get my money back


Great App the only thing wish could be done is make a comment to a post

Please fix OS3!!!..

it does NOT WORK for Watch OS 3, help.

Waste of money

Not a single notification!!!!! This app is a waste of money it crashes and keeps saying there a new update and I just bought it and it doesn't have an update.

Waste of money

Won't load or sync!


This app has potential but has issues loading your news feeds. I did everything they suggested to refresh my page however it didn't update my feed or took over a minute to load. If they can get this fixed I would give it 5 stars. Until then I'd hold off purchasing this app.


Good app love it

The best

Yes it's pricey but it's the best app sometimes it's easier to just use it instead of getting on my phone definitely recommend

Almost perfect

But keeps crashing after a few days have to keep deleting off of phone to use again but works for only few days😵😵please fix then would give 5 stars all day😎😎


Very good app highly recommend it

Would be amazing if reliable

This app worked fine when I first installed it. After only a few days, it began to freeze on the notifications/write post screen, not allowing me any other way to go back to the newsfeed. When I do get the newsfeed to finally load by force refreshing to the phone, it remains frozen, not allowing me to scroll through the feed. My watch is a series 2, only a week old.

Super cool!

Works fine so far, Thanks so much!

Nice but needs more

Only works on wifi

So far really bad

I just downloaded the app and it will not sync with my watch it keeps telling me to sign in but it won't connect

Little book 👍🏾👍🏾

This app is awesome! Having a Facebook on your ⌚️ is really a plus! Must have app

About time ❤️❤️❤️

Great app , so far so good

Does not work

After finally getting signed in which took reinstalling the app, it won't sync. Waste of time and money.


Not great but it's working for me updates would be greatly appreciated

Doesn't work!! I want my money back

The app kept loading for several minutes since launch and never shows anything !! This doesn't worth a cent actually


Worked at first, now it doesn't!!


It worked OK when I first installed it on my new series 2 watch. After a few days it refused to load. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help.


I just downloaded this app and im having some trouble with it loading the newsfeed or anything for that matter. It doesnt want to let me do anything on the app. Plus all it does, is just load and after a few seconds it forcloses the app and it doesnt want to work like how i saw on youtube video review about this app. I have the latest version of watchos on my apple watch and you said that you have fixed the problem so it can work with watchos 3.1.3 but it doesnt at all. Please help me out because i would like to use the app the way that you guys are saying it works. Thanks

Good enough

The app is good but not so great. Don't expect much! It's as simple as the FB news feed, can able to like but not to comment on the posts.


Can u answer on a comment with this app

Fix it.

Rarely loads, when it does, it takes forever, and almost guaranteed to cut out to the main Apple Watch app screen. If it worked right it would be awesome, but unfortunately it's literally the worst app I've ever used, and the only one I've ever paid for.

Great App!!! Love it!!!



Works as advertised!


Wouldn't even allow me to sign in to Facebook, couldn't find my account. Don't waste your money on this useless app.

doesn't work

waste of money , you dont get all the notifications and moat of the time i dont even get notifications.

Please update app

Painfully slow to refresh..this app could be great even without the pinch to zoom or other added features.. if refresh issue is address, checking newsfeed is enough and would make the app great.. keep up the good work...


Can this be used on the Apple Watch 1?? If so how?!


this app does not work i wasted my money learn from my mistake

Cutest little book ever

This app is super cute I just wish that I got the full effect as if I were on the actual Facebook page . But I'm glad that I purchased it . I'm still enjoying it .

Horrible App

This app is very glitchy and barely ever refreshes! This was a waste of money!


Would be better if you could actually make posts, not just have to use a magnifying glass to read and look at pics & only like posts that have been there for hours even though it says you have new notifications. Plus, there is no zoom capability. Kinda pointless.

Works surprisingly well! Must for a watch

Thank you for great app. My only recommendation would be to add zoom capability to photos, either by pinching out the screen with fingers or using the dial...

Waste of money

This app is ridiculously glitchy. Also, it will tell you someone replied to your post or tagged you in something, but won't link you to it, so it's a guessing game. I wish I could get my money back. Lesson learned: don't trust a Facebook app that is not produced by Facebook.

Best app on apple watch!

I love this app! Most apps don't have videos period on the apple watch, and it is even better to audio with it! Love it, love it!

Terrible App

Works so slow, takes forever to refresh or load any new feeds. Over and over just says refreshing and loading. My internet access is fast for all my other apps so that's not the problem per their troubleshooting help. Have reset and signed in multiple times and that still does not correct the issue. Waste of money so far.

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