Littlebook: for Facebook@Watch App Reviews

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I am adding the correct login and it won't work. help!

Don’t waste your money

The app was decent . With the developer neglecting updates.. it has deteriorated. Dont waste your money... useless app now

Facebook Apple watch app

Don’t waste your money on this app.

Waste of $2.99

Bought the app. Could have just flushed $2.99 down the toilet.

Worst app ever

Worst app charges people for an app that don’t even work no matter what you do or try!

Littlebook app

This app is a waste of money It will not open on my Apple Watch it just keeps spinning and spinning I have try everything to get it to work don’t waste your money


I need to request my money back. I have viewed and followed the you tube video, followed the troubleshooting page on trying to get this app to work on my watch. Once it spins and spins, after being asked to keep my app open on my phone... it still will not respond. Then I have tried to get this to allow my watch to accept and share notifications. After I accept the terms, it tells me there is an error and to try again later. Hmmm, how long beside 12 hours shall I continue to see the same set of words shot back? I have not been successful and I would appreciate my money back.



Bad app that has to be paid for

Doesn't work. Apple should shut this app down.


The app needs a lot of work refreshing post . It shows post days behind when you refresh.

Not what I expected

The app doesn’t refresh so everytime I go to it’s has like two week ago stuff on it and if someone comments on something it notifies u but doesn’t show the comment I would have not bought it if i would of known that

Feel robbed

How can I get a refund for this? This app it’s awful and slow

Not good

App doesn’t work trying to get refund

Worthless without LTE!

This is a great idea but it’s of no use if I have to be connected to Bluetooth on my phone. If my phone is nearby, I won’t be using my watch for Facebook! The Apple Watch 3 has the cellular option so please make this work with LTE. Had I realized this I wouldn’t have paid for it.

Waste of money

Took forever to update newsfeed. Now, it says the newsfeed hasn’t been updated in 73 days and says “connecting.” Just a black screen with a blue circle.

Believe the bad reviews.

Won’t update or post. Waste of $3.

A 3 for now

Well as of now I will give the app a three. it seems to being running just fine. I’ll write another review in a week and see how the app went.

Want work on series 3

I want my money back!! Don’t waste your money. SCAMMERS!!


App is completely useless... wont even work on my watch and unexpected errors on the phone end?

Worthless app

It never works takes forever to update don’t waste your $$


I just tried this app after not using for awhile and WOW! it’s working GREAT! The text is readable on my 42mm. The features are very mature and well thought out. Loads much faster! Great improvement!!! Just a little thought can we get more that just the like? Really love this app!!

Misleading price

Im unsure as to why I was charged $7.98 for an app that was advertised for a few bucks cheaper. Future buyers need to be aware of the fraud that could possibly take place once purchased. I don't know if there was an error, but proceed with caution regarding this app

Waste of Money

All the app can do is let you know someone commented on your posts...can’t read the comment, can’t reply, nothing. I would rate this a 0 if possible

Not really worth the time or money

So far I’ve had this app on my I watch for a few months and everytime I open the app it’s still on posts from months ago. It doesn’t refresh! Cannot comment on anything cannot read comments on anything and it doesn’t let me like any posts either. If these things were fixed I’m sure it would be fine, I just don’t see where it’s worth the $3 I paid. I’m hoping they fix it but who knows.

Great idea app

If only they fix the bugs. Notification don’t work Can’t post or like Sync is very slow Not worth the purchase.

Works great!

Perfect for my Facebook needs.

No support

The app creator has stopped support for watch notifications. I have emailed on several occasions with no response. Too bad because when the app was being supported it was great.

Little book app

It’s worked a couple of times. I have problems with it all the time.


App doesn’t really work at all with my Apple 3 series (gps/cellular).. Force refresh doesn’t work either.. A waste of $2.99. I’ll pay more attention to the reviews before purchasing.

Doesn’t work well at all

Waste of money doesn’t work well at all, takes forever to load ... and you can’t view it with out your phone what’s the point ? Lol

Not worth the money

This is a cool idea and I would like it if it would actually work properly it will on refresh on the I watch and thats the reason I bought it! Very disappointed

Ok, could be a lot better

The apps is okay, although it doesn’t load all current stories, only a few and that takes a bit of time. Really wish you could comment on posts/ reply to comments and choose different reactions instead of just the traditional “like”. Overall, it’s ok in a pinch.

Does not work properly

Will not clear off 4 days ago stories

It's a great idea but execution missed

I bought this app about 20min prior to this post. I'm actually going to try to get a refund for a couple of reasons. First issue I have had is the main app on the iPhone itself has a "Get help and Support" that literally leads you to a blank page of nothing. Second of all when you are looking at your newsfeed you see posts that will have (x) amount of comments and when you tap on the comment option it will spend about a minute "loading" these comments but will then will appear and say "O comments". It also doesn't allow you to post any comments. The rest of the app is an awesome idea it just needs to be fixed and I think it'd be well worth the $2.99 you're charged for it in the app store. If I would've been able to contact the help and support team I wouldn't have posted such a low review (assuming they'd help me fix the issues listed above) I would've been more than happy to given a chance for them to fix these issues prior to writing this. I don't recommend buying this app until the bugs are fixed.

It’s sucked!

It will not connect to my Apple Watch. I have no idea why. App just over all disappointed me and i would not buy it ever again! -thanks

Works great!

I was a little apprehensive to purchase after seeing the reviews, but I took the chance! Noticed that the developer had just did some heavy updating. All I can works GREAT on my new Series 3 Cellular watch! Love it! Thank you!

Current best way to use Facebook on Apple Watch, but needs work.

Needs immediate LTE support. A functioning watch without needing your phone is the future. I couldn’t get notifications to turn on. Kept getting error message. Feed is pretty cool. A little slow to load. For price point, would like to see more frequent app updates. Hopeful future will bring improvements.

Little book

I just bought this an it won’t even sync to my phone I connected to my Facebook then press offline mode, tells me to open the app on my watch nothing happens, I go to force watch then it fetches to 6/8 an nothing happens

Doesn't work

Have tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall but no luck. Please update this app.


The app will not update the news feed. Don’t waste your money

Works well... When paired to iPhone

Great option for viewing Facebook on the Apple Watch but unfortunately it currently only works when paired to iPhone. If it worked standalone on the cellular Apple Watch Series 3, it would be 5 stars! Hope the developer is working on this!!

Not at all worth it

Literally nothing to this app. Not something worth spending your money for.


It's okay, needs improvement.


The app is not staying on the watch face it shows in the screen to customize but disappears when the fave comes up..

Best app I’ve used...

I like face book on my Apple Watch gives me extra functions. Very nice

Does not refresh

Can someone please tell me how to get a refund for this non working app

Don’t work

It’s not updated since I bought it.

Grate app worth the price

Almost everything worked grate a lot more content than I was expecting but I tried everything I could and still couldn’t get the push notifications to work


App will not update how can I get my money back


Great App the only thing wish could be done is make a comment to a post

Please fix OS3!!!..

it does NOT WORK for Watch OS 3, help.

  • send link to app